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What We Offer To Parents And Boys


The centre is safely situated within the school grounds. We have our own designated play areas. No child is allowed to wander off to any other part of the school unattended unless he is attending an extra – mural in which case he has to return to the centre at the correct time. Our staff accompanies all new grade 0 and 1 boys to and from their extra murals at the beginning of the year.


A strict daily register is kept. If boys enrolled have not checked in by a particular time, parents are telephoned. Furthermore any boys who have not checked in and have not been accounted for, are called over the school intercom. If your son has been absent from school, we can soon determine this from his classmates. However, if your son is not attending aftercare on a particular day, please advise us so that we don’t send out a search party or make unnecessary calls. An extra – mural register is also kept. When a child returns from his particular extra – mural his name is ticked off so that we can keep track of who has not returned. All boys have to check in before proceeding to their extra – mural.


The aftercare has a full compliment of managers, teachers, supervisors, a cook and a cleaner as well as a bookkeeper. A private firm of accountants and lawyers are also enlisted to assist us with employee matters and tax issues. All staff have to sign contracts between themselves and the proprietor to ensure effective execution of duties and conduct. At present the aftercare employs 2 managers, 4 teachers and 5 supervisors. Pupils are under the watchful eye of staff at all times. The last managers leave the premises at 18h00. Thereafter Joyce Mnyandu looks after any boys that are still at the centre.


The aftercare has a sandpit, a variety of toys ,  books, board - games, sports and climbing equipment to keep the  boys busy. We also have a television, DVD, smartboard/bigscreen for rainy days. The school’s extra – mural programme is also available to all aftercare boys throughout the afternoons. We supervise their attendance at these extra – murals but they are run by KEPS teaching staff. In Summer the aftercare has the use of the splash pool in the high school and supervised fun swimming is allowed Tuesdays and Thursdays. The boys love this activity on very hot days.


Boys are offered a healthy menu every day. This includes fruit, curry and rice, rolls (jam, peanut butter), hotdogs, chicken salad rolls, soup and macaroni and cheese. The menu changes from time to time according to the seasons and the needs of the boys. Should your son not eat the set menu for the day, he is welcome to sandwiches instead or you can, of  course , pack a separate lunch for him. There is no reduction in fees if this is the case.


Homework attendance is compulsory for all grade 1-7 boys. Strict registers are kept.

Projects must be completed at home. Sufficient time is given by educators when project deadlines are given.

Medical care:

Effective medical care is offered to all boys in the event of injury at the centre. Medication is only administered with parental consent. All parents are notified of injuries immediately and we request that you come to collect your child as soon as possible if we feel it is necessary for you to do so. Please complete the attached medical form for our records. This assists us if we have to take your son to a medical institution on your behalf. Please note that the aftercare is NOT responsible for any medical fees whatsoever. If you do not have medical aid and your son requires emergency treatment, then please remember that we will have to take him to a provincial and not private a hospital or clinic. Our centre has a first aid kit and we are able to attend to 90% of all minor injuries. Fortunately we have had hardly any serious injuries over the years!!! This is because the children are not allowed to partake in reckless games. Bullying and bad behaviour are not tolerated under ANY circumstances

Image   Sandpit + boys = fun.

 All work and no play........

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